Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bob 12 (I can't.)

I can’t take this any longer.

I think about you all the time and all the pain you’ve put me through.

You promised you wouldn’t break my heart but you did.

I feel like a stupid cliché writing this but I can’t keep it in any longer.

I know to people this may seem stupid cause we weren’t together for so long but you meant so much to me.

You were apart of my routine.

You were there all the time.

I can pick up the phone and call you up and you’d come speeding your way to me.

You would do anything that makes me happy.

We were good together, really good.

But why’d you have to go and ruin it all?

I know I deserve better but sometimes I wish I can press rewind and make it all better.

You realized your mistake when it was too little too late.

This all began as a joke,

But it ended with something real.

As I’m writing this teardrops are rushing down my cheeks because I can’t take this any longer.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gonna Find Love Again - Summer 2008 (Part 3)

Yes. I know I've been away for so long but it was so hard to finish writing and I had so much going on. Point is, I will be updating more now since I'm on holiday so it's all good. ;p


It was nice taking a vacation from the city and well coming into another city, at least the dramas different eh? I couldn’t wait to shop, shop, and shop. Oh and of course see Fahad. I was so happy he was here; I wish two of my girls were here too. They would love it, I know Jazi’s a bit jealous cause she loves Thailand as much as I do.

I unpacked all of my clothes and wore my favorite skinny blue jeans and a white top. A little info about me, white tops are like my favorite, you’d see me wearing one pretty much all the time. I was craving mcdees, and let me tell you their mcdees is so damn good. Also it was open 24/7, so I called my grandma and aunt and told them I’m going to get food and if they wanted anything. Then later I called Fahad to see if he can meet me there.

Me: guess what I’m in the mood for?

Fahad: what? … Actually wait I know if it starts with an M then I get a kiss.

Me: yess it does! Yallah get up I’ll meet you there

Fahad: okay 7abebtii

I leave the hotel and cross the street to get to mcdees and I see this tall guy with a white shirt and jeans. I thought to myself, I’d definitely tap that. I then turn to my left I see Fahad crossing the street and start cracking up.

Fahad: ishfeech inti?

I couldn’t stop laughing.

Fahad: You know it would be nice to let me know what you’re laughing about so I can join you?

Me: No. You’re wearing a white shirt and jeans.

And I continue laughing.

Fahad: Yes, because wearing a white shirt and jeans is what that clowns wear these days too ha?

Me: No. No. Ugh, Never mind. Fdaaaaaaaaaaaitik!

Fahad: fdaitich inti.

Me: LA! Fdaitik INT!

Fahad: La, inti

We kept on saying “la int”, “la inti” and every time we said it we came closer and closer to each other. Until, our lips were so close that they were literally touching.

Fahad: sakrii 3aneech

Me: Laa Fahad ast7iiii!

Fahad: mno gal ana baswii shay, sakreehom oo bas

Me: Fahad latswii shay!

Fahad: mob imswii. Sakrii 3anich.

I closed my eyes and I slowly felt him coming closer to me and I felt his lips kissing my lips gently. I could’ve stopped him but I didn’t want to, I wanted him to continue. He slowly kissed my lower lip and then tilted his head and the kiss got more intense as I felt his tongue slowly make its way inside, I didn’t know what to do I just stayed there and made him take the lead. I finally pulled away and couldn’t look at him because I was too shy at that moment. I covered my face with my hair as I was too shy to see him or for him to see my face.

That was my first kiss.