Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bob 10 (Experienced or Inexperienced?)

I started to think about this when one of my friends recently confessed to me he’s never had sex, and if you see him you’d expect him to be the biggest man whore ever! I was surprised and happy at the same time because if guys like him are still “good boys” then I think there’s still hope for me to marry that guy who’ll be a virgin.

When I was like 16, I was describing to one of my friends the guy I wanna marry. He had to be tall, tanned, hot, and sweet and he’d be a virgin. At that time I really believed that guys don’t do it, because you know its against our religion and everything, I mean its pushing it to the extreme. However, that friend broke my bubble and was laughing her ass off when I told her that. I was confused, because I didn’t really ask for something bizarre. She told me.

“Your living in this fantasy world that guys don’t have sex, well let me break to you honey, every guy in the country had sex and if you find one that hasn’t he’s probably retarded.” I couldn’t look at guys the same anymore, I just concluded that every guy I see is a “dirty boy”.

After that little info that changed how I saw men, I started thinking, do I wanna be married to someone who’s experienced in that field or someone who’s just like me new to it all?

The great thing about me not being his first would be that he’d know his way around and knows what turns a girl on. Nevertheless, he’d probably compare me with every girl he’s been and I’d feel the need to work really hard to be the best he’s ever had.

But if I was his first and probably his only, he’d never compare me with anyone else and I wouldn’t question my abilities. However, it does have its disadvantages because we’d both be new to it all and we’d need the 101 on everything. Then again, practice makes perfect.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gonna Find Love Again - Summer 2008 (Part 2)

Hello my dear sexy readers.

I know that the post isn't so long but I've been so busy and I
didn't want to keep you guys waiting for any longer, so glt a short post is better than nothing right? :x

love you guys! :*


To: Fahad

Thank you baby, t3al you didn’t tell me are you guys still staying at the intercontinental?

From: Fahad

Laa were staying at the Grand Hyatt, ma7a9lna 7ajeez

I was kind of devastated that we weren’t staying at the same hotel but the hotels were like neighbors that it wasn’t such a big deal. I couldn’t stop smiling; this was definitely going to be the best holiday ever. Just thinking about Fahad puts a smile on my face. We finally find a taxi to take us to the hotel.

Grandma: feegathoom, ma7a9loo taxi a9’3ar ysawoona.

Auntie: yoma weeh ila dgeegtain oo bnw9al ilfonde8 inshallah.

I always laugh when grandma starts nagging about anything around us, she just does it in the funniest way and uses funny words. Sighs.

We check in and get our rooms; I had my own room at a different floor because there weren’t any available rooms together. I went to my room and my luggage was already there, it was pretty dark already and so I get into the shower cause I felt pretty dirty from the pollution in this city.

I wrap a towel around me and leave the toilet; I look at my phone and no new message or any miss calls. So I decide to call him, I missed him so much. I miss his voice and everything about him.


Fahad: baaal! Ishfeech it9ar5een?

Me: madrii bas wayed mstansa oo wa7shtnii

Fahad: 7bebti, inti w7ashtnii akthar, I miss having you in my arms

Me: 9jj? Inzain imagine me in your arms right now and were just in the most comfortable position and we never wanna leave.

Fahad: galbi inti

Me: 7bebii int!

Fahad: oo b3ad inty shno labsa?

Me: oh oh oh bdaaina!

Fahad: Yallah 3ad, you gotta give a guy a little.

Me: Well right now, I’m wearing nothing but my towel. Is that good enough?

Fahad: More than enough.

Me: Inzain oo b3ad?

Fahad: Your head on my chest and my legs wrapped around yours.

Me: Hmmm …

We stayed silent for several minutes, I was thinking of what we were talking about, how good it would feel to be in his arms, feeling safe and loved. I really wanted to be with him, and when I say be with him, I mean just with him nothing sexual. I imagined him playing with my hair and my hands on his strong muscular thighs. I snapped out of that after another few minutes.


Fahad: HAAA? Ishfeech 9arg3teeni! Ishfeech? Ish9aar?

Me: wala shay 7bebii

Fahad: ishfeech chii it9ar5een. And I was in a peaceful mood, 5arbtii the mood kila.

Me: okay 5ala9 3ayal bye

Fahad: laish bye?

Me: cause apparently a5reeb ilmood so yallah bye.

Fahad: Nelly tadreen ana makan 89dii chii

Me: ha 3ayal shnoo 89dik?

Fahad: wallah madrii ishkaan 89dii bas I don’t want you to hang up babe.

Me: silent

Fahad: Your giving me the silent treatment a7een?

Me: silent

Fahad: Nelly, ya a7la Nelly ibhadnya. Yallah walla tz3leen

Me: ana mob z3lana

Fahad: itg9een 3ala mno inti? I know your upset baby I wallah I didn’t mean anything by what I said and I take back everything and you know what, bkra I’ll make it up to you when we go out.

Me: were going out?

Fahad: eeh akeed we are.

Me: wain bnrooo7?

Fahad: Let that be a surprise baby.

Me: YAAAAY! I can’t wait.

Fahad: I can’t wait to see your face again. Magdar afargeech hal gad.

Me: 9j?

Fahad: eeh 9j. ikfaya you chftich ‘6hrich youm d5alt kan fee 5a6rii almeech. Baby I’ve missed you so much its unbelievable.

The Girl xx