Friday, January 1, 2010

Bob 13 (I think I'm over you.)

I have moments in my day where I miss you and wish we could go back to the way we were.

But then again when I actually was close to getting back to you, I couldn’t.

I can’t trust you like the way I did before.

Plus you hurt me once you can hurt me again and again.

Unlike you, I would never hurt the person I love most.

I just wanted to tell you that you’re a liar, I realize it more and more everyday.

I might not have had the strength to end it with you but thanks to my friends, they gave me that strength to end it all.

And I thank god that I ended it when I did cause you don’t deserve me.

I actually don’t miss you at all,

I just miss having that person who gave me the attention and loved me for me.

When you told me “Nelly you’ll never find someone who’ll love you as much as I do.”

Trust me I know I’ll find someone who’ll love me much, much more than you ever did cause if you “loved me” you wouldn’t have done what you did.

At night I think of you, it’s cause I just got used to your calls then and no one can really replace that right now.

That’s what I miss the most cause I really felt like I meant something to you.

You used to call me at 5AM in the middle of my sleep and would say "I called cause we7shnii 9otich."

That’s the only thing that’s making the getting over process hard

But other than that I think I’m over you.


identity said...

aww babe!!! i really dont know what to say!


❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

Expect a call at 5 AM...5ala yro7, ya5th agrab shovel, y7frlah 7fra wy6b feeha.. ysawe 5air wallah.

and ps. someone already loves you much, MUCH more than he ever did ;*

Aphrodite said...

doesn't i feel good?:P
and plus there's a long looooooong list that can replace him in a blink of an eye!

Nawarii said...

nellyyyyyyyyyyyyy wellyyyyyyyyyyyy i love u bas wallah ma7ib achoofich sad chithi... zag feeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ow fi 6ewayfaaa afa 3alaich ill call u at 5 AM ow agoolich we7ashni 9otich cham nelly 3indiii....i want u to be back to urself a7is u changed....i hope this new year is filled with love, joy and happiness for u and us 7abibtiii

email me if u ever wanna talk

The Girl said...

@identity: <3

@❛❛Heroine❜❜: fdaitch inti! wallah :* Without you I wouldn't be able to get over it all .. sighs.


Sighs, I know. :*

I love u too Nawarii :*:* .. your so sweet 7abebtii .. And I hope your new year is also filled with happiness and love inshallah