Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gonna Find Love Again - Summer 2008 (Part 4)

The night before the big shopping spree day.

On the phone,

Fahad: Nelly, A7bch.

Me: ana b3ad a7bik

Then for a second I realized I just told him that I loved him without even thinking about it. I mean it actually came out before I thought about it.

Fahad: ishglti?

Me: maglt shay ..

Fahad: gooleha mara thanya

Me: laaaa 7abebi ast7iii

Fahad: fdaaaaaiiit ili tst7ii .. wallah a7bch ya7mara

Me: latgoool chiii, ast7iiiiiiiii

Fahad: A7eeb la3wzich

Me: uff! 9ji ink i7mar, chalb oo b3ad i95alah!!

Fahad: i95alah? Mnn wain 6el3at hathii b3ad?

Me: ma3arf


Spring Of Truth said...

5ala9 sis
stop writing abt him if its gonna make u feel better =)
or at least stop it for now

Nawarii said...

i miss you