Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bob 15 (Want it when you can't have it.)

People only want it, when they know someone else wants it too. Is it because they always want what they can't have? Or is that they just feel jealous when that other person wants it and they don't like that feeling?

I get it when there are ones who don't want something until it becomes unavailable and then they go crazy sucking up to get it but there's a limit to that because people aren't stupid and they notice when you do those little things.

For example all of the sudden you become all lovey dovey when you feel that person doesn't see a need for you anymore after all the coldness you've given.

Another example would be when you buy a pair of gorgeous shoes but after a month you stop using them. Your sister asks you to borrow them, you say okay but deep down you don't want to. You see her wearing them and then you have this need to get them back because you want them more now since you don't have them anymore.

If you love a person or an item and care about them just simply show that.


bluelilies said...

eeeh ana chithee itha someone takes something from me and other people see it on them a8heeer!! i feel like there taking all the credit;p
which i dont know why?

bluelilies said...